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From the Archives..

From the Archives..

From the Archives..

Postgraduate FORUM

Our list of speakers and PG events from 2020

22 October 2020: Our first guest was Dr. Paul O’Connor, whose research on ‘Home: The Foundation of Belonging’ is perhaps more vital than ever since we are now largely confined to households. Since graduating in 2016, Paul has moved to teach in the UAE and is currently researching on technological transformations of society.

Dr Paul O'Connor

5 November 2020: Our guest this week was Dr Trish McGrath, whose research is on Trickster Politicians – something which certainly has a global resonance now!

Dr Trish McGrath

19 November 2020: Our guest this week was our Visiting Professor David S. Wall, University of Leeds in conversation with Dr. Kevin Sweeney, UCC.

Professor David S. Wall

3 December 2020: Everyone is welcome to attend a round table discussion on using gender as a lens in research. A group of gender-focused PhD students will present their research, and how they use gender to analyse a variety of issues in society. There will then be a discussion on feminist research more generally, and why these students feel it is important and worthwhile. Facilitated by Doris Murphy (

Gender-focused PhD students roundtable discussion

10 December 2020:  Our Visiting Professor Louise Ryan, Director of the Global Diversities and Inequalities Research Centre at London Metropolitan University, who  discussed 'On Migration and the Question of Integration' with Dr. Tracey Skillington.

Professor Louise Ryan

Department of Sociology & Criminology

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