Photo Gallery

Photos from College Year 2017 - 2018

Photos from College Year 2016 - 2017

Conferrings February 2017

Dr. Paul O'Connor with his wife Áine, and his supervisor, Professor Arpad Szakolczai.

Mavutho Ncube M. A.

Some of the Criminology students who were conferred with M. A. with Dr. Órla Lynch.

Book Launch

Professor Anita Maguire launching two books by Professor Arpad Szakolczai at a Book Launch held in the Staff Common Room, UCC, at 5p.m. on 11th November 2016.

Novels and the Sociology of the Contemporary (Routledge, April 2016). Permanent Liminality and Modernity: The Sacrificial Carnival through Novels (Routledge, October 2016)

Professor Arpad Szakolczai

Some of the crowd at the Book Launch 

Eleanor O'Connor's Retirement

Dr. Cara Nine, Head of Department of Philosophy, presenting Eleanor O'Connor with a bouquet of flowers on behalf of the Department of Philosophy. Professor Colin Sumner, Head of School of Sociology and Philosophy, and Dr. Niamh Hourigan, Head of Department of Sociology are also in the photo.

Paula Meaney, Colin Sumner, Francis and Eleanor O'Connor, Niamh Hourigan.

Dr. Niamh Hourigan speaking on the occasion of Eleanor's retirement, which was held in the Staff Common Room, UCC.

Eleanor O'Connor thanking everyone for the good wishes on her retirement.



Outstanding Colleague Award 2016.

At the UCC Staff Awards Ceremony 2016:

Niamh Hourigan and EleanorO'Connor

John O'Halloran, Vice President for Teaching & Learning and Professor of Zoology, congratulating Eleanor.

President Michael Murphy presenting the award to Eleanor O'Connor.

Ger Mullally, Paul O'Connor, Niamh Hourigan, Eleanor O'Connor and Paula Meaney.

Dark Tourism Lecture - Criminology

Professor Colin Sumner introducing Dr. Derek Dalton.

Colin Sumner and Derek Dalton.

Dr. Derek Dalton, Visiting Professor at Department of Sociology, UCC, presenting his lecture to criminology students.

Some UCC Criminology students at the lecture.

New Postgraduates and Staff

New postgraduates and staff September 2016

Photos from College Year 2014-2015

A recent visit to NASC by our SC3020, Quinnipiac students.

Recent conferrings.

Some recent photos of staff!

Dr.J. P. O'Carroll R.I.P. (recently deceased)