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The Italian Wave

The Italian Wave initiative objective’s is reviving the interest in the Italian language and culture in schools in the Cork region and give schools the opportunity and the necessary support to expand the range of languages they offer by including Italian. The project is generously funded by the PPLI and organized and coordinated by the Department of Italian, UCC.

If you want to be part of the Italian Wave Language Initiative, please complete the form available here.

  • Italian Courses

    01 Jul 2021
    Italian Courses

    Are you a primary and/or a secondary school looking to offer Italian? You have found what you were looking for. We offer introductory courses on Italian language and culture for both levels.

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  • How to keep it?

    01 Jul 2021
    How to keep it?

    Would you like to keep Italian in your school at no cost? Yes, you can. Thanks to the Languages Connect - Ireland’s Strategy for Foreign Languages in Education 2017-2026, post-primary schools can apply for additional allocation hours for introducing Italian in their curriculum.

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  • Tutorials and teaching materials for teachers

    01 Jul 2021
    Tutorials and teaching materials for teachers

    If you are an Italian language teacher looking for inspiration and support, here you can find materials for your classes, video tutorials on useful online digital tools and information about upskilling.

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