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Welcome to the Web site for Italian at UCC!

Italian at UCC is a constituent department of the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures. The School LLC provides the opportunity to develop inter-disciplinary links in teaching and research, but also allows us to retain our identity as a distinct and dynamic unit with a reputation for putting students and their learning experience at the centre of all its activities, including research-led teaching and postgraduate supervision and training. This site will remain your first stop for information about what studying Italian at UCC involves, the opportunities for graduate studies in Italian, and our evening recreational courses in Italian, all of which you will find in the menu to the left. You may also want to check out our Facebook page.

I will limit myself here to answering the most frequently asked questions about Italian at UCC: students with no prior knowledge of Italian are welcome, as are those who have already studied the language formally or informally, and students, both beginners and non-beginners, can achieve the highest standards in their degree examinations. All students receive intensive, small-group tuition in written and spoken Italian, and take courses on Italian culture and society according to their programme of studies.

You might want to take a look at what some of Our Graduates have been doing, keep an eye on the News and Events for information on research and other activities, and check out Employment Opportunities with Italian. General information, including details of programmes, application procedures, fees for first time EU undergraduate students (approx. €3,000 for entry in 2017), and student life in Cork can be found at Study at UCC.

Dr Silvia Ross

Head of Italian

Why study languages?

Higher Diploma in Advanced Languages and Global Communication



Higher Diploma in Advanced Languages and Global Communication

This course is aimed at people hoping to return to the job market with modern language and intercultural communication skills along with competencies relating to managing global relationships, ICT, translation and localisation skills.

It offers advanced specialism in one language (from Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian and French) and 10 credits of an additional foreign language from the same range. The programme will equip students with the necessary language competence, as well as intercultural skills, to be able to do business with markets of particular strategic interest to Ireland, both in Europe and beyond. By the end of the course, students in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German and French will have reached a minimum of CEFR level B1.


Applicants for this programme are expected to hold a level 8 degree or equivalent qualification (incl. relevant professional qualifications). Individual language level requirements will apply for students wishing to choose German, French, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese. Candidates may be required to complete a brief language proficiency test.

Modules: 60 credits to be taken as follows:

Core Modules:

LL5001 ICT of the Localisation Industry (5 credits)

LL5002 Translation and Professional Communication (5 credits)

LL5003 Negotiating Knowledges in the Networked Society (10 credits)

AD5006 Work Placement Module (10 credits)


20 credits from Advanced Language Skills in either French, German, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese

10 credits from a Second Language chosen from German, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese at Beginners level. French can be taken from post-Leaving Cert (or equivalent).


FR1101 Foundation course in written and oral French [10 credits]

FR2101 Advanced French Language [10 credits]

FR4101 Advanced Use of French (10 credits)

FR4407 Advanced Specialist Translation (5 credits)

FR4409 Transfer of Meaning between Languages (5 credits)

FR5004 Theory and Methodology of Advanced Translation (15 credits)

FR5005 Methodology of Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting and of Terminology (10 credits)


GE1101 German Integrated Written and Oral Language Course [10 credits]

GE1103 German Integrated Written and Oral Language Course for Beginners [10 credits]

GE2101 German Integrated Language Course [10 credits]

GE3101 Advanced Integrated Language Course (10 credits)

GE3108 Teaching German as a Foreign Language (5 credits)

GE5013Translation Project (German) (5 credits)


IT1101 Introduction to Written and Spoken Italian [10 credits]

IT1102 Non-Beginners' Written and Spoken Italian [10 credits]

IT1109 Introduction to Written and Spoken Italian [10 credits]

IT1110 Italian Language (Beginner Level) [5 credits]

IT1120 Italian Language (Beginner Level) [5 credits]

IT2101 Intermediate Italian Language [10 credits]

IT2101F Lower-Intermediate Italian Language [B1] [5 credits]

IT2101S Upper-Intermediate Italian Language [B2] [5 credits]

IT3101 Advanced Italian Language (10 credits)

IT3103 Business Italian (5 credits)

IT3110 Introduction to Translation (Italian to English) [5 credits]

IT3120 Introduction to Translation (Italian to English) [5 credits]

IT5001 Translation Project (5 credits)

IT5002 Translation: Methods and Practice (10 credits)


HS1101 First Year Spanish Language for Beginners [10 credits]

HS1102 First Year Spanish Language for Non-Beginners [10 credits]

HS2101 Second Year Spanish Language (ex-beginners) [10 credits]

HS2102 Second Year Spanish Language (ex-non beginners) [10 credits]

HS3001 Final Year Spanish Language [10 credits]

HS5007 Advanced Translation Skills (10 credits)

HS5008 Advanced Spanish Language for Professional Purposes (10 credits)


PU1101 Portuguese Beginners Language

PU2201 Portuguese Language II

PU3301 Advanced Portuguese Language


The Timetable will involve daytime lectures and small group classes. Timetable details depend on the language specialism chosen given the wide range of modules available.

For further information on the course please contact: Janet Milner, Email:

For information on how to apply please go to the Springboard Website:

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