The Italian Wave

Tutorials and teaching materials for teachers

1 Jul 2021

If you are an Italian language teacher looking for inspiration and support, here you can find materials for your classes, video tutorials on useful online digital tools and information about upskilling.


In this section you will find a set of 5 (TY) and 4 (PS) lessons of approximately two hours duration, devised for absolute beginnersThe lessons are: 

  • originalBased on “comic strips” with unique characters and dialogues 
  • rich in pictures and visual aids; 
  • task-based focused; 
  • technology-mediated. 

The TY lessons are complemented with extra materials developed for online delivery 

You will also find detailed step-by-step guides for the digital APPS indicated in the lessons that students must use to perform the assigned tasks and create digital artefacts. 

Post Primary Schools – Transition Year 

Primary Schools 

  • Apps tutorials (under construction)


The Department of Italian runs different initiatives to assist teachers who wish to upskill in the areas of Italian language and culture. 

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