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Research Facilities

Research Facilities

The Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences is housed on the first floor of Brookfield Health Sciences Complex. On this floor we have a dedicated Speech, Language and Voice laboratory, containing research equipment such as eleven speech spectrography stations, a nasometry station and an electropalatography station.  Adjacent to this laboratory is another laboratory housing a purpose-built, sound-proof, electrically-shielded room containing audiological assessment equipment (e.g., audiometer), and electrophysiological (EEG) recording equipment. In addition, the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences houses five purpose-built clinic rooms, and has a large resource room which contains a number of standardised tests for Communication Disorders (e.g. aphasia tests, dyslexia tests, various psychometric assessments) and clinical equipment for the assessment of speech and language processes in both adults and children.  These can be used both clinically and for research purposes. In addition, the School of Clinical Therapies (including our Department) has a dedicated postgraduate student research room, and access to an IT Resource Room which contains 25 PCs with data analysis software that is continuously updated (e.g. Excel, Word, SPSS). 

Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences

Eolaíochtaí Urlabhra agus Éisteachta

1st Floor, Brookfield Health Sciences Complex, U.C.C., College Road, Cork.