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MA in Applied Psychology

The MA in Applied Psychology is a one-year full-time intensive programme. On successful completion, students should have an understanding of the discipline of psychology and it's value in applied contexts. They should be able to critically appraise psychological research and practice in a range of settings. They will have knowledge of the professional and ethical issues that may arise in the application of psychology in a variety of contexts, and they will develop skills commensurate with planning and implementing an effective research programme.

The MA in Applied Psychology gives you an advanced understanding of the discipline of psychology in applied settings. The course is designed to help you appreciate the potential and values of applied psychology, think critically about psychological theory and practice and give you the opportunity to explore your own particular interests. 

Applied psychologists use research and theory to analyse real-world situations, develop appropriate interventions, and evaluate outcomes. The course will enable you to pursue postgraduate professional training opportunities, and to pursue a variety of career paths where psychological expertise is need.

What are the entry requirements?

A candidate for this MA programme must:

  1. Hold an honours undergraduate degree in Psychology.
  2. Satisfy the eligibility requirements for graduate membership of the Psychological Society of Ireland or the British Psychological Society.   This can be demonstrated by:
  •     Evidence that your undergraduate degree is accredited by the PSI or BPS (see or
  •     Evidence from the BPS that they consider your undergraduate degree to be equivalent to a PSI/BPS accredited degree, in terms of granting you eligibility for graduate membership of the society

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Feedback from Past Students

The MAAP was a highlight in my academic progression. The course was demanding in places, particularly the research dissertation. However, nothing easy is ever worth doing! I loved the course content, and found the academic and administrative staff to be very friendly, personable and helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed my year in Cork studying for the MAAP. It was a great learning experience. I would definitely recommend it to others.

~ Lisa


Great camaradarie with students and staff in a very interesting and enjoyable course.

~ Timothy


;I really enjoyed my experience of the MAAP. I have maintained many of the friendships I developed through this course and I fell in love with a new city. Overall, I couldn't fault my experience of the MAAP...I was delighted to hear that it now includes work placements and feel that will be a big asset to graduates from this course. I would not hesitate to recommend both UCC and Cork to anyone...wish I could go back myself!

~ Ruth


Without a doubt, it was a step-up from other courses I have completed, in both intensity and workload. However by the end of a very busy year, I know I have come out with a wealth of relevant skills and experience that has made me a more reflective and hopefully effective practitioner. I would recommend the course to all interested in pursuing a career in any of the fields of psychology.

~ Jennifer


The course placement is useful for getting relevant experience. Myself, going into the course, I was hoping that I could solidify my knowledge of psychological theory and research methods. I found that the course allowed me to do this.

~ Conor


I found the staff were always very helpful, supportive and willing to listen regardless of how small the query was. They always made time for the students. Also, I felt that the quality of the staff teaching the course was high

~ Kate


All in all, I really enjoyed the MAAP - I found the course practical, the lectures relevant and interesting, the placement was a huge learning experience, as was the thesis. It was a hefty workload but learning to deal with such a workload is a valuable skill for working as a psychologist

~ Laura

School of Applied Psychology

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