DELE Exams


                                   THE NEXT ROUND OF EXAMS WILL BE HELD ON 17th and 18th May 2024

                                                                         Registration Deadline: Tuesday 19th March 2024

              The Instituto Cervantes in Dublin may be offering additional examination dates throughout the year. 


The Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies at University College Cork is the only official Instituto Cervantes Examining Centre in Munster. In this role the Department is responsible for administering the DELE (Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language) examinations, as well as providing students with extracurricular language courses from A1 to B2 level.

These Diplomas are the only official qualifications issued by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education, accrediting levels of competence and command of the Spanish language and are internationally recognised by corporations, Chambers of Commerce and private and public educational institutions. These qualifications do not expire.

The exams are open to members of the public and are offered at all General levels (A1 to C2) and School levels (A1 to B1).

Exams take place in person on UCC campus, there is no online offering.

Exam Registration Fees 

Nivel A1 €120 REGISTER 
Nivel A1 Escolar €120 REGISTER 
Nivel A2 €150 REGISTER 
Nivel A2 Escolar €150 REGISTER 
Nivel B1 €150 REGISTER 
Nivel B1 Escolar €150 REGISTER 
Nivel B2 €195 REGISTER 
Nivel C1 €205 REGISTER 
Nivel C2 €210 REGISTER 


                                                                Please direct any queries on DELE exams to

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Available courses

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