Spoken by 180 million people across four continents, Portuguese is the official language of Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, São Tome and Principe, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Timor, co-official language in Macau, and, to a lesser degree, Portuguese speakers in Goa. Portuguese has a very rich and diverse history. 

We offer Portuguese Evening Courses from Beginners I (A1.1) to Elementary I (A2.1) level.

If this is your first time learning the language, our Beginners I (A1.1) course is for you. Here, you will be introduced to the language and its sounds, and you will learn how to give and ask for basic information about yourself and others.

If you already have some basic knowledge from traveling to any of the Portuguese speaking countries and/or from learning at home, you can try our Beginners II (A1.2).

Our more advanced Elementary (A2.1) course is designed for students who have completed the equivalent of an A1 course (CEFR) before.

Below you can see the Portuguese courses that are currently available to book.

Registration for our Autumn Evening Language Courses is now closed.

Our next round of courses will begin in Spring 2023 (February)

Registration for our Spring courses will open in December 2022.

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