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Plant and Environment Interactions

Plants have a fascinating ability to respond to changing environmental conditions, but they are also threatened by climate change and pollution. Research in BEES addresses the question how plants sense and respond to stress, such as UV radiation or low temperature, and how their phenology is affected by climate change. Another focus of research is the response plants to pollutants, including research on the health of seagrass beds and the use of aquatic plants for toxicology research. In addition, we investigate the traits that determine if a plants become invasive.

  • Dr Barbara Doyle Prestwich: secondary metabolites; proteomics and transcriptomics.
  • Dr Markus Eichhorn
  • Prof. Marcel Jansen: Biology of plant UV-responses; Plant toxicology including responses to microplastics; Invasive alien plants.
  • Prof. Astrid Wingler: Regulation of plant growth; in particular grass growth and grassland productivity.
  • Dr James Richardson - The science and culture of cacao and its wild relatives. More information.
  • Dr Eoin Lettice: Urbaan trees and biodiversity; UCC Arboretum

School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences

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