Environmental and Applied Geoscience

In Geoscience at BEES, we characterise and investigate present environments from the deep ocean to groundwater systems, from plastic pollution to contaminated water and soils. We produce research of relevance to offshore wind energy development, water resource protection, geothermal energy, raw materials, mineral exploration, coal gas and carbon capture industries, geoengineering and the development of advanced road surfaces.

Professor Maria McNamara – soil chemistry, soil metals and organo-metal interactions

Professor Andy Wheeler - a marine geologist with an interest seabed/habitat mapping, blue carbon and Irish offshore Quaternary development with applications to offshore renewable energy development and marine aggregate extraction.

Dr Pat Meere – a structural geologist studying fluid flow in faults and associated vein systems with particular reference to metalliferous ore emplacement

Dr John Weatherill – a contaminant hydrogeologist with particular interests in the transport and fate of legacy and emerging pollutants in the environment, groundwater-surface water interactions and the biogeochemistry of carbon and nitrogen.

Dr Riccardo Arosio – a marine geoscientist studying seabed geological mapping with applications to offshore energy development and benthic habitats distribution.

Dr Alicia Mateos Cardenas - environmental geoscientist studying plastic pollution

Dr Boris Droz - environmental analytical chemist involved in developing innovative methods to evaluate water quality.

Dr Richard Unitt - an applied mineralogist and petrographer with an interest in roadstone aggregate performance, road surface sustainability, and the application of Raman spectroscopy for material characterisation.

Professor Garth Earls (Adjunct) – an exploration geologist specialising in gold and base metal exploration

Professor Richard Smosna (Adjunct) – a sedimentologist with an interest in the application of sedimentology to environmental problems of today's world.

Professor Kathy Brunner (Adjunct) – a sedimentary petrologist and sedimentologist, specializing in sandstone and related sandstone/carbonate mixed lithologies, with an interest and experience in alternate energy sources (coalbed methane) and fossil fuel climate solutions (carbon capture and storage).

School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences

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