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Solid Earth

Understanding how the crust and upper mantle function and change through time is a fundamental knowledge underpinning Earth System Science of relevance to our continued partnership with our planet. In Geoscience at BEES, we research geochemistry from the sea floor to the deep mantle, crustal deformation, volcanism and geochronology.

Dr Kate Kiseeva - an experimental petrologist and geochemist with interests in the deep mantle, mineral and fluid inclusions in diamonds and chalcophile elements as key tracers for planetary formation and differentiation.

Dr Pat Meere - a structural geologist with a particular interest in the European Acadian and Variscan orogenies, deformation styles and patterns in orogenic forelands, fluid flow in faults and associated vein systems.

Dr John Reavy - an igneous geologist whose main interests are the tectonic controls on the ascent and emplacement of granitoid magmas in orogenic belts

Dr Audrey Recouvreur – a marine geologist with interest in seabed bedrock geology of the Atlantic margin, architecture of deep systems and large-scale structures such as canyons, with particular attention on carbonate systems.

Professor John Gamble (Emeritus) - an igneous petrologist, geochemist and physical volcanologist whose research encompasses a fundamental exploration of the style and products of volcanism of the West Antarctic Rift System,. active arc-type volcanism in the South West Pacific, New Zealand, Chile and Western United States, super eruptions from Yellowstone volcano and the Taupo Volcanic Zone as well as the development of Palaeogene Flood Basalts of the NE Ireland.

School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences

An Scoil Eolaíochtaí Bitheolaíocha, Domhaneolaíocha agus Comhshaoil

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