About the Journal

About the Government & Politics Review Journal

At the heart of this project is the desire to enable undergraduates to become integrated into the research culture of the Department of Government and Politics. This journal explicitly integrates research and research related skills into the undergraduate learning experience and follows a research-based leaning approach. Students have the opportunity to act as researchers, writers and reviewers, engaging directly with the publication experience and learning about the challenges and rewards of undertaking and publishing research.  The journal takes students through the entire process, from the start of the research process, to designing their programme of enquiry, to final completion and publication as a journal article.  Many aspects of the curriculum encourage students to engage with research.  However, the dissemination of their output is often limited to essay submission. This journal allows students to become published authors.  This is a huge achievement and honour for students at such an early stage in one’s career.  In an increasingly competitive job and postgraduate study market, it is essential for students to have ‘that bit extra on their CVs’.  This journal presents students with the opportunity to develop their skills set, as well as experiencing the enjoyment of seeing one's work in the published form. 

The journal facilitates the creation of a learning community between staff and students of the Department of Government and Politics which promotes, supports and sustains the integration of research, teaching and learning.  The exchange of ideas and feedback that this relationship engenders allows staff and students to learn from one another and develop a scholarly environment that is beneficial to all concerned. 

Government and Politics Review is published online, peer-reviewed and dedicated to the publication of high-quality undergraduate student research.  The journal is produced, edited and managed by staff and students of the Department of Government and Politics and the Government and Politics Society.  Students are recruited to the editorial and management board of the journal.  All articles undergo rigorous peer review.  The project engages students with the research, communication and publication process. While the first edition of the journal contains only papers from students of the Department of Government and Politics, it is hoped that in time, the journal will attract submissions from students across the university and/or of other universities both nationally and internationally.


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