Submission of Assignments

Department of Government and Politics Extension Application Process

The procedures

The Department willingly supports students who have genuine difficulties and asks students to please be aware of and observe the following procedures:

  • Extension requests need to be supported by appropriate documentation, e.g. medical cert or counsellor's letter.
  • These documents need to be submitted in a timely fashion with the extension request. Extensions may not be granted for retrospective medical certs that are submitted weeks after the assignment deadline has passed.
  • Requests will only be considered where the documentation is received within the period of the assignment, i.e. before the deadline, apart from when there are exceptional circumstances.
  • The Department of Government and Politics Extension Form needs to be completed and signed by the student.
  • The student needs to email the extension application form to with the supporting documentation.
  • Once the extension is approved by a relevant Extension Officer, the email will be sent to the student.


  • Students should not email medical certificates or notes of absences to individual lecturers – these should always be emailed to


Extensions Officer (Department of Government and Politics):

Dr Mary Murphy (Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes)



Department policy on handling plagiarism


  1. As soon as possible after the submission, the lecturer reviews the assignments and checks for plagiarism.
  2. Where plagiarism is suspected, the lecturer informs the head of department (HoD) and the relevant administrator.
  3. Where plagiarism is established, a meeting is scheduled with the student to outline/explain the case of plagiarism and the penalty to be applied. This meeting is attended by lecturer and HOD (or HOD’s nominee). The penalty to be applied is at the discretion of the HOD.
  4. The lecturer advises the relevant administrator of the outcome of the meeting. Communication is sent to the student by the HoD/Administrator.
  5. In cases where the plagiarism is adjudged to be particularly egregious, the HoD and the team will complete the Student Records and Examinations Office (SREO) policy template report and forward it to the SREO. Communication is sent to the student to outline what was discussed at the meeting and the penalty to be applied. This communication will also advise the student of their options under the University’s Breach of Examination Regulations process.


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