Tom O’Connor Working Paper Series

Working Paper Series

The Department of Government Working Paper Series was launched initially in 1999 and by 2009 comprised 31 papers. The series was then discontinued until 2014 when it was re-launched to honour the memory of Tom O’Connor, a former lecturer in the Department of Government. Twelve papers were added to the series in 2014.


  1. “Irish Political Corruption in the 1990s”

Neil Collins (1998)


  1. “The Chronological Pattern of the Parthenon’s Sculptures”

Patrick Burke (1999)


  1. “Philip Monahan: Ireland’s First City Manager”

Mary O’Shea (1999)


  1. “Challenging Bunreacht na hÉireann: Three points of Contention”

Seamus O’Tuama (1999)


  1. “Broadening the Concept of Marketing: How to Market a Political Party”

Jennifer Lees-Marshment (1999)


  1. “Management of Government in the New Millennium: Conference Proceedings”

Summary of proceedings from the Department of Government conference (1999)


  1. “The Emergence of Rights in the Liberal Tradition”

Seamus O’Tuama (2000)


  1. “What Election Results in Ireland Reveal About Intra-Party and Inter-Party Relations”

Fiachra Kennedy (2000)


  1. “The German Regulatory Authority for Post and Telecommunications”

Michael Graef (2000)


  1. “Enlarging the European Parliament: Continuity or Change?”

Clodagh Harris (2001)


  1. “Kinnock’s Administrative Reforms: A Cultural Perspective”

Emmanuelle Schön and Aodh Quinlivan


  1. “Voting in the Republic of Ireland: A case study of Cork North Central”

Fiona Buckley (2001)


  1. “Local Government Reform in Ireland: Fact or Fiction?”

Aodh Quinlivan (2001)


  1. “The Democratic Deficit”

Anthony O’Halloran (2001)


  1. “Contemporary Approaches to Waste Management: The Case of the Republic of Ireland and Germany”

Fried Mayer zu Ebre (2001)


  1. “Election 2002 – Critical Essays on the Results and Analysis”

Combined Department of Government staff


  1. “The Politics of Environmental Risk – A Discussion on the Authority of Science”

Eluska Fernandez (2003)


  1. “Political Parties and Local Arrangements of Power in Corleone, Sicily”

Giancarlo Minaldi (2006)


  1. “Interest Intermediation and Internalised Governance”

Aodh Quinlivan (2006)


 20. “From Local Government to Local Governance”

Tony Larkin (2006)


 21.“City and County Management in a Comparative Perspective: Managing Multiple Relationships and Demands – Some Trends and Developments in Local Government Management Abroad”

Mark Callanan (2006)


 22. “Best Practice in Local Government Training: The Dublin City Council Model”

Aodh Quinlivan and Emmanuelle Schön-Quinlivan (2006)


23.  “Local Authority Structures and Administrative Boundaries: Evidence from the United Kingdom and Other Jurisdictions”

Paul Carmichael, Neil Collins and Aodh Quinlivan (2006)


  1. “Out of the laboratory and into complexity:  The limits of regulation in anti-corruption efforts”

Linda Dennard (2007)


  1. “Dáil Éireann Electoral System”

Tom O’Connor (2007)


  1. “The Irish Electoral Registration Process”

Eimear O’Leary (2007)


  1. “Ireland’s Semi-State Bodies in a Time of Change”

Felicity Lee (2007)


  1. “The Representation of Women Councillors in the Local and Regional Press”

Seán O’Leary (2007)


  1. “The Case for Health Impact Assessment”

Monica O’Mullane (2007)


  1. “Financing Local Government – The Rating System”

Tom O’Connor (2009)


  1. “Local Elections in Ireland, 1899-2009”

Aodh Quinlivan (2009)


  1. “The Cork Progressive Association and the Dissolution of Cork Corporation in 1924”

Aodh Quinlivan (2014) No 32 by Quinlivan


  1. “Some Reflections on the Making of Public Policy in Ireland”

Tom Ferris (2014) No 33 by Ferris


  1. “Extreme Shortage of Money in the Irish Free State 1922-1932”

Donal Corcoran (2014) No 34 by Corcoran


  1. “Ireland in Austerity: Implications for Reform of Performance Management and Development Systems in the Irish Civil Service”

Pádraig Mac Consaidín (2014) No 35 by Mac Consaidin


  1. “The Dáil Éireann Electoral System”

Tom O’Connor (2014) No 36 by O'Connor


  1. “Jack Lynch: Reluctant Taoiseach, True Patriot”

Pádraig Mac Consaidín (2014) No 37 by Mac Consaidin


  1.  “Cranks and Idealists: The Emergence of the Planning Profession in Local Government Following the Local Government (Planning and Development) Act, 1963”

Seán O’Leary (2014) No 38 by O'Leary


  1. “The Significance and Context of Hayek’s 1945 Finlay Memorial Lecture”

Mark Nolan (2014) No 39 by Nolan


  1. “Practitioner Perspectives on the Implementation of the Legal Provisions of HIA in Slovakia”

Monica O’Mullane (2014) No 40 by O'Mullane


  1. “Re-visiting Performance Appraisal: Can the Performance Management and Development System (PMDS) be made to work?”

Richard Boyle (2014) No 41 by Boyle


  1. “JFK and the Freedom of Cork”

Aodh Quinlivan and Pádraig Mac Consaidín (2014) No 42 by Quinlivan and Mac Consaidin


  1. “Minister or Secretary: Who has the Power? A Study of the Relationship between Ministers and their Departmental Secretaries at Critical Junctures”

Tim McCarthy (2014) 

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