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Imanol Oteiza

Eugenia Bolado

Eugenia Bolado

Current Students


Nadia Albadalejo 

Interartistic approaches to the work of Remedios Varo  

Eva Cabrejas

Encuentros creativos de las mujeres indígenas chiapanecas: Ciber-cultura  y Resistencia 

Emer Clifford

Representations of gender violence in contemporary Mexican visual culture   

Rhys Davies

Violence and trauma in the contemporary Colombian detective novel  

Laura Linares

Mediating minority: A corpus-based study on the translation of Galician literature into English 

Claudia Loenze

A comparative critical discourse analysis of narratives of migration in German and Mexican media sources

Ed McWhinney

Trends in the translation and reception of contemporary Spanish narrative in the anglophone world 

Estefanía Muñoz

Languages at work: An ecology of translational and multilingual practices in an Irish-based business setting

Craig Neville

A diachronic corpus-based comparative study of dubbing practice in Catalonia and Galicia 

Cian Warfield

A comparative analysis of ethnopolitical movements in Mexico and Bolivia


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