Current Students


Alba Martínez Alarcón

Treating Valencian Cultural Memory: The case of Carmelina Sánchez-Cutillas and Matèria de Bretanya

Ana Albuquerque

Story-singers and History-tellers: Staged Music as an Independent Voice in Portuguese Speaking Cultural Industries

Eva Cabrejas

Encuentros creativos de las mujeres indígenas chiapanecas: Ciber-cultura  y Resistencia 

Rhys Davies

Violence and trauma in the contemporary Colombian detective novel  

Clare Geraghty

Queer bodily realities in the feminist hip hop of 'intersectional beings', Krudxs Cubensi

Mireia Gomez i Martinez

Linguistic Hospitality in Contexts of Complex Linguistic Diversity

Sara Helin-Long

Landscape, Terror and Cilean Historical Memory in Patricio Guzmán's Film Trilogy

Claudia Loenze

A comparative critical discourse analysis of narratives of migration in German and Mexican media sources

Elizabeth Rosales Martínez

Towards an activist translation: Translating testimonies of those searching for victims of enforced disappearance in Mexico

Craig Neville

A diachronic corpus-based comparative study of dubbing practice in Catalonia and Galicia

Randolfo García Sandoval

Resisting Linguicide through Garifuna language and indigenous thought in the Caribbean

John Thompson

The Concept as Material: A Materialist Theory of the Concept in Conceptual Art 

Brenda Mondragon Toledo

Resistance and Solidarity Through Feminist Craftivism; A Compartive Study of Mexico and Ireland


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