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School of Engineering Handbook

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How To Access Your Timetable

Please watch the below video tutorial to learn how to access your online timetable. If you cannot see the video please click here and you will be redirected. 

For registered student a Personalised Timetables (MyTimetable) can be accessed from the end of August on the Student IT Services website , which also includes a list of FAQ’s.

If you are still not registered, but need to access your timetable, the video below is very helpful. 

View a list of building codes at the bottom of this page for use in conjunction with your timetable entry.



Types of Scholarship

There are a number of scholarships available in the School of Engineering and Architecture. Some are specifically for undergraduate level current students, while others are intended for undergraduate prospective students. There are also a number of Postgraduate scholarships.

You can learn about a selection of these scholarships in detail on our information page.

You can also view all scholarships divided by level:


Medical and General Absences

Medical and General Absence Forms. 

The School willingly supports students who have genuine difficulties and asks students to please be aware of and observe the following procedures:

Medical Certificates or General Absence Forms must be submitted to the Administration Office by emailing no later than two weeks after the date of examination/assessment deadline or approved assessment submission date. Flexibility will be allowed in exceptional circumstances that prevent submission within the two-week window. This form is available on the School of Engineering website:

Students must submit the Medical Cert Form word together with their medical certificates.

On receipt of the medical certificate, the administration staff will initial and stamp the certificate and retain the original in a secure filing system. Upon request, a copy will be provided to the student.

A copy of each medical certificate will be submitted/scanned monthly to the Student Records and Exams Office (SREO).

General absence Form  (non medical) must be submitted to the administration office by emailing no later than two weeks after the date of examination/assessment deadline or approved assessment submission date. N.B. The General Absence form is also to be submitted if you are unable to complete an assessment, project or exam for technical reasons while studying remotely.  Your module coordinator will then be informed of this immediately. 

·All documentation submitted to the departmental office will be treated with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality.

School of Engineering and Architecture

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