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Student Scholarships in the School of Engineering

The Joe Gantly Award (Undergraduate Scholarship)

The Joe Gantly Prize In Engineering is awarded to the Best Student on the Work Placement module in the BE(Hons) Programmes. 

The late Joe Gantly, who was a Civil Engineering graduate of Trinity College Dublin, made a significant contribution to industry and education in the Cork area. He served as Director of European Operations at Apple Computers, President of Cork Chamber, Chairman of the Cork Airport Authority and as a Governor of UCC. In order to commemorate his contribution to Cork’s business community (and to UCC), Cork Chamber has established the Joe Gantly Prize in Engineering. The prize is awarded each year to the Best Student on the Work Placement module in the BE (Hons) programmes at UCC. 

The Dr Elmer Morrissey Memorial Scholarship (Undergraduate and/or Postgraduate Scholarship)

Annual engineering scholarship in the memory of Dr Elmer Morrissey, who died tragically in 2012 

The Friends of Elmer Morrissey have established a fund to provide engineering students at UCC with the opportunity to apply for an annual scholarship worth €1,500. The scholarship will help with their course fees and living expenses, enabling them to have the kind of fulfilling college experience that Elmer enjoyed.

Click here for more details Prize info 2019

The ON Semiconductors Scholarships in Electronics (Undergraduate Scholarship)

ON Semiconductor Ireland has recently informed us that they plan to offer scholarships to the value of €3000 to three students in Ireland who will be in the final year of their Level 8 studies who have an interest in electronic design.

ON Semiconductor is a leading global supplier of power and data management semiconductors and standard semiconductor components. Located at Raheen Business Park in a new state-of-the-art facility, the R&D team at ON Semiconductor’s Limerick design centre develops power management integrated circuits primarily for use in computing and consumer electronics applications. ON Semiconductor Ireland is interested in supporting the academic achievements of engineering students. Since 2014 ON Semiconductor Ireland has awarded eleven Scholarships in Electronics with a total value of €33,000 to talented final year engineering students and it continuously seeks top students to employ for internships and graduate engineering positions.     

There isn’t a specific application form – any student interested in applying for the scholarship should submit the following: 

CV, Cover Letter, Study results and a recommendation letter/reference by a professor

More details about the scholarship including the application deadline can be found at this link ON Semiconductor Scholarship.  Please note that the applications must be sent to On Semiconductor not UCC.


The John Joseph McCarthy Prize in Civil & Environmental Engineering

Mr John McCarthy (BE' 79), Managing Director of John McCarthy BE and Partners has offered an annual prize, in memory of his father Mr John Joseph McCarthy (BE' 47) to the final year students of Civil and Environmental Engineering who have contributed significantly to sport at UCC. The Prize is by application and the value of the Prize will be €750. 

The conditions of the Prize are as follows:
  • The Prize will be called the John Joseph McCarthy Prize in Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • To apply for the prize students must have achieved a degree in Civil Engineering
  • To be eligible for application students must have attained this level on first sitting of examinations
  • To be eligible for application students must be able to demonstrate their contribution to sport at the university
  • Applications will be assessed and a winner chosen by Mr John McCarthy or a nominee of Mr John McCarthy in conjunction with the Director of Physical Education and Sport.
  • The final decision will rest with Mr John McCarthy or his nominee and the Director of Physical Education and Sport
  • The Prize will be eligible for inclusion on the winner's final year transcript
  • Applications must be made within 1 month of obtaining degree results.

Applications for consideration should be sent in the first instance to the Head of the Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, University College Cork

The John Murphy Postgraduate Research Fellowship in Civil Engineering (Postgraduate Scholarship)

J. Murphy & Sons Ltd. of London funded this fellowship in 1977 to emphasise the value of research in the advancement of the practice of Civil Engineering, and to enable professional engineers to engage in research for a limited period. The objective is to foster research on engineering problems, emerging in practice, which are associated with the industrial development of Ireland, and its natural resources. It is intended that the fellowship should be held by a person or persons actively concerned with the solution of engineering problems demonstrably generated by, and of major significance to, the practice of Civil Engineering in Ireland. In all cases, preference will be given to candidates whose research projects most closely accord with the letter and the spirit of this intention.
This fellowship shall be subject to the following conditions of award and tenure which have been approved both by the donor and the Governing Body:


  • The award shall be known as "The John Murphy Postgraduate Research Fellowship in Civil Engineering".
  • The fellowship, which is valued at c. €8,250, or its equivalent in real terms, and tenable at University College Cork, shall be awarded normally to an engineering graduate who proposes to proceed to the ME or PhD degree, but a senior researcher can be eligible in special circumstances. 
  • The fellowship shall be awarded by the Academic Council on the recommendation of the President of University College Cork, following consultation with the Head of the School of Engineering.
  • The fellowship shall be generally tenable for one year, but it may be renewed for a further year subject to favourable progress of the holder's research. No new fellowship shall be offered for competition in any year in which the fellowship is renewed, except in the circumstances mentioned in clause 5.
  • In the event of no award being made in any particular year, a separate one year fellowship may be offered for competition in the following year.
  • Applications shall be invited, by advertisement in the normal fashion not later than 31st March of any year, for fellowship(s) tenable from the following Autumn. Applications will be considered only from those who, after graduation, have had suitable professional experience or have been engaged in teaching or research.
  • Each candidate shall submit to the School of Engineering, an application containing a curriculum vitae, and information on the subject or field of engineering selected for research and the candidate's present qualifications therein. It is preferable but not essential that a candidate should submit a carefully documented research project. Normally the names of two referees will be required.
  • The above conditions may be amended from time to time by the Governing Body provided that such alterations are approved in advance by the donor or his representative(s). However, in any year, any amendment shall be valid only if it has been so approved in writing on or before 31st March of that year, and duly published as provided for in clause 6.


The John Sisk Postgraduate Research Scholarship in Civil Engineering  (Postgraduate Scholarship)

John Sisk & Son Ltd., have funded this scholarship to promote university research in the area of civil engineering construction.
The scholarship shall be subject to the following conditions of award and tenure: 

  • The award shall be known as "The John Sisk Postgraduate Research Scholarship in Civil Engineering".
  • The scholarship, which is currently valued at c. €20,000 and tenable at University College Cork, shall be awarded to an engineering graduate to support full-time postgraduate studies in the area of civil engineering construction.
  • The holder of the scholarship shall pursue research and undertake limited teaching duties under the general direction of the School of Engineering.
  • The holder of the scholarship shall normally be required to register for a higher degree.
  • The scholarship shall be tenable generally for one academic year, but the holder may apply for renewal for a further year, subject to progress of the research work being to the satisfaction of the Head of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
  • A competition for the scholarship shall take place each year, with an application for renewal being considered together with applications from other candidates. Applications, comprising a curriculum vitae, the name of two referees and a carefully documented research proposal, must be submitted to the Head of Department by 31st May each year.
  • The applications shall be considered by a Board comprising the Head of the College of Science, Engineering and Food Science or nominee and the Professor(s) in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The award shall be made by the Academic Council on the recommendation of this Board.
  • The division of the stipend between living expenses, travel and equipment shall also be recommended by the Board.

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