The John Murphy Postgraduate Research Fellowship In Civil Engineering

At a glance

  • Value: €8,250 per annum
  • You must be an engineering graduate who proposes to proceed to the ME or PhD degree to be eligible for this scholarship
  • Questions about this scholarship can be directed to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering or


J. Murphy & Sons Ltd. of London funded this fellowship in 1977 to emphasise the value of research in the advancement of the practice of Civil Engineering, and to enable professional engineers to engage in research for a limited period. His object is to foster research on engineering problems, emerging in practice, which are associated with the industrial development of Ireland, and its natural resources. It is intended that the fellowship should be held by a person or persons actively concerned with the solution of engineering problems demonstrably generated by, and of major significance to, the practice of Civil Engineering in Ireland. In all cases, preference will be given to candidates whose research projects most closely accord with the letter and the spirit of this intention.

This fellowship shall be subject to the following conditions of award and tenure which have been approved both by the donor and the Governing Body:


  • The award shall be known as "The John Murphy Postgraduate Research Fellowship in Civil Engineering".
  • The fellowship will be awarded to an early stage Civil Engineering post-graduate student (with at least a year remaining on their post-graduate studies). The postgraduate should be preferably be a graduate of civil, structural and environmental engineering of UCC or if not, a graduate of a relevant civil engineering degree from another University undertaking a PhD in the School of Engineering and Architecture in UCC.
  • The fellowship will be based on the evidence of excellence as supported by a peer review journal paper with the post-graduate as first author. The award will be seen as a prestigious prize and will be accompanied by a medal.
  • The fellowship, which is valued at c. €8,250, or its equivalent in real terms, and tenable at University College Cork, shall be awarded normally to the fellow. An additional €635 per annum, to be used exclusively for servicing the research involved, is granted to UCC to be applied to the Discipline of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
  • The funding from the award will be available to the post-graduate as an extra source of funding (to top up existing funding) to improve their research experience. The funding will be used to fund a stay in a prestigious external institution, attend a summer school or spend time with a prestigious industry partner. This stay should lead to a peer reviewed output.
  • The expenditure will be agreed with the postgraduate supervisor.
  • The supervisor will be a civil engineering academic member of staff in UCC and the topic will be relevant to civil, structural and environmental engineering.
  • Applications shall be invited, by advertisement in the normal fashion not later than 31st March of any year, for fellowship(s) tenable from the following Autumn.
  • Each candidate shall submit to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, an application containing a curriculum vitae, a peer review paper of which they are first author, a proposal for a stay in a prestigious external institution, or to attend a summer school or spend time with a prestigious industry partner. The application should include for support of their supervisor.
  • The above conditions may be amended from time to time by the Governing Body provided that such alterations are approved in advance by the donor or his representative(s). However, in any year, any amendment shall be valid only if it has been so approved in writing on or before 31st March of that year, and duly published as provided for in clause 6.

Deadline for applications: 31st May 2023

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