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Undergraduate Degree

Call for Students to the Undergraduate Degree

  • Are you a technically-minded secondary-level student with strong academic ability?

  • Do you have an aptitude for problem solving and a curiosity about how technology works?

  • Are you looking for the key to a stimulating and highly rewarding long-term career?

  • Would you like to be part of the team of professionals with the skills to shape the future in areas such as energy, communications, computers and biomedical engineering?

  • Are you interested in starting a technology-based high tech company or would like to join the management ranks of global multinationals?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then a Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) is for you.

Admissions to EEE is based on completion of Secondary (High) School at an international standard with subjects such as mathematics, advanced mathematics (calculus), physics, chemistry, to name a few. Example of high school completion based on a variety of school examination programs are given next. Interested students should contact UCC undergraduate admissions office expressing interest in admissions to EEE. You may also contact our departmental administrator for additional information.

Ireland : Completion of the Leaving Certificate with a minimum grade of C in Honours Maths and a C in another Honours science subject. The preferred subjects are Maths, Advanced Maths, and Physics.

UK/British System: Completion of the Advanced (A-Level) Certificate with for example three principal subjects, e.g., Maths, Advanced Maths, Physics.

Transfer Students: The Department generally requires the student transferring in to meet the normal entry requirements as if they were joining the first year directly from the Irish Leaving Certificate (or equivalent), including having a C in honours maths (for Irish Leaving Certificate), a laboratory science subject, and the required points (for Irish Leaving Certificate). The full list of entry requirements can be seen at: The Department would then look at the subjects taken by the applicant in first year and determine if they were compatible with joining our second year – the assumption being that the student would sit the first year exams at the present institution and pass them all. The Department admissions committee will look at the modules taken by the student and compare them with our B.E. programme and make an official decision on the transfer application. The UCC admissions office has an application form for transfers and these applications are considered in the May/June time-frame. Formal requests for transfer admission should be directed to the UCC Undergraduate Admissions Office at +353 (0)21 490 3571 or email

USA : Completion of 12 grades of American high school with for example three principal subjects such as Math, Advanced Math (Calculus), Physics. Strengthen your case and provide us with your USA Standard Test Scores like for General SAT, Subject Math 1/Math 2, Physics SATs, and AP Subject Test Scores.

International Baccalaureate (IB) System: Completion of the IB Certificate with for example three principal subjects, e.g., Maths, Advanced Math, Physics.

Other Countries/Systems: Completion of the Local High School Certificate with for example three principal subjects, e.g., Maths, Advanced Math, Physics.


Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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