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A list of presentations available for download is given below:


Marconi and Ireland

  • Marconi and Ireland This PDF presentation about Marconi's connections with Ireland was given by Prof. Peter Kennedy on the centenary of Marconi's Nobel prize.


Towards a World Class Research University in Science and Technology

Why Study Electrical and Electronic Engineering at UCC?

Inventing with Light – A Personal Journey

  • Inventing With Light - PDF Presentation   This PDF presentation on the Invention Process was given by Professor Nabeel Riza at the LUMS School of Science and Engineering, Lahore, Pakistan, April 6, 2012. Click to watch a video of the presentation.


Problem Based Learning in Engineering

  • PBL in Engineering  A PDF presentation on PBL in Engineering from a session at the European Universities Association annual conference, 22nd March 2012.


Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Innealtóireacht Leictreach agus Leictreonach

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