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Our Annual Yr 1 Creative Exhibition

"Occupation: Everybody Everywhere Everyday" (25th Sept '18)

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Practice Education Newsletters

Practice Education Newsletters

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Book Launch - 27th June 2019 - Trinity College Dublin

"Seen and Heard: Exploring Participation, Engagement and Voice for Children with Disabilities"

on Thurs 27th June 2019 at The Trinity Long Room Hub (Idea space) in Trinity College Dublin @ 6pm-8pm.

The book brings together a range of international contributors to explore new ways of carrying out research with children with disabilities. It also investigates how scholars across a wide variety of disciplines are engaging with one other in innovative research and practice related to children’s engagement, participation, agency and voice. It includes perspectives from fields as diverse as psychology, early childhood studies, speech and language therapy (slt), occupational science and therapy (ost), law, education and disability studies. Within this text, occupational science is represented in two chapters: "Beyond voice:  an occupational science perspective on researching through doing" and "Universal design for social inclusion: playgrounds for all" written by Helen Lynch (of UCC) and Maria Prellwitz.

A wide range of creative and practical methodologies for eliciting children’s voices are interrogated and articulated in the book, which will be of interest to both professionals and researchers. 

About the authors of the book:

Miriam Twomey is assistant professor in early intervention at the centre for people with intellectual disabilities (tcpid) at the school of education, Trinity College Dublin. She has a background in teaching and research in the fields of early intervention, autism spectrum disorders and intellectual and neurodevelopmental disabilities.

Clare Carroll is lecturer in speech and language therapy at NUI Galway.  Before entering academia, she worked as a speech and language therapist, where she established her interest in early intervention disability services. Her other research interests include integrated care, team working, and the participation of children with disabilities in research.

2-Day Course on Assessing Play - 26th & 27th September 2019

The Dept of Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy will be hosting a 2-Day Course on Assessing Play: The Test of Playfulness (ToP) and The Test of Environmental Supportiveness (TOES) which will be delivered by Prof. Anita Bundy (of Colorado State University USA) on 26th & 27th September 2019 here in Brookfield.  For further information; Assessing Play: ToP to TOES

Learn All About OT

Click on the following link to learn more about OT & why you should study OT at UCC which was recorded at our recent Open Day;

start the video at 4min


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