Research Postgrad Students

MSc Students 

Ms. Caoileann Cassidy

Mr. Jack Murphy

Ms. Joanne Murphy

Ms. Deirdre O'Connor 

(also Deirdre has created a short video to let children, parents & therapists (who participated in her Masters research project) know about some of her research findings;

Ms. Jennifer O'Leary  

PhD Students 

Ms. Michelle Bergin

Ms. Nathalie Buhagiar

Ms. Ruth Cutajar

Ms. Gina Daly

Mr. Eoin Gorman

Mr. John Hastings

Mr. Patrick Hynes

Ms. Rianne Jansens

Ms. Joy Kelleher

Ms. Fiona Loudoun

Mr. Thomas Morgenthaler

Ms. Alice Moore

Ms. Marianna Morozini

Ms. Allison Mula

Ms. Liath Sheehan

Ms. Sylvia Viego-Seijo

Ms. Sabine Voncon

Ms. Ines Wenger

Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy

Eolaíocht Cheirde agus Teiripe Shaothair

Ground Floor, Brookfield Health Sciences Complex, College Road, Cork, Ireland.