About UCC Radiology


University College Cork appointed Professor Michael M. Maher the first Chair of Radiology in 2005. An attending radiologist in Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Professor Maher returned to Ireland and developed the new department of radiology UCC. The department was founded in recognition of the pivotal role radiology/medical imaging now plays in medical diagnosis and patient management.  The Medical School at UCC acknowledged that it is imperative that radiology/medical imaging should be integrated into the undergraduate medical curriculum and that the presence of academic radiologists was consummate with UCC’s research strategy which is aligned with Government policies including the Strategy for Science Technology and Innovation (SSTI) and Building Ireland’s Smart Economy.. Dr. Owen O’Connor was appointed as Senior Lecturer in Radiology at UCC in 2012.


Mission and Goals

UCC Department of Radiology is committed to:

  1. Promotion and development of academic radiology at University College Cork and its affiliated teaching hospitals.

  2. Development of cutting-edge education programmes using evolving digital technologies which will integrate radiology and diagnostic imaging into the mainstream of undergraduate medical education.

  3. Development of high quality clinical research programs within UCC affiliated radiology departments and, in collaboration with clinical colleagues, enhancing research opportunities at UCC and postgraduate training.

  4. Promotion of the speciality of radiology and to highlight the requirement for state-of-the-art imaging equipment and facilities to enhance patient care at our hospitals.

Funding Information

Progress in achieving these goals has been realised through excellent administrative support, support from clinical radiologists at UCC-affiliated teaching hospitals, recruitment of highly motivated lecturers, and the development of close collaborative relationships with clinical and academic departments within UCC and its affiliated hospitals (e.g. Anatomy, Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology), Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and with the leading UCC Research Institutes (Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre and Tyndall Institute) and with international academics in Radiology.

There have also been collaborations with Industry (e.g. General Electric Healthcare). Funding for research programmes has been secured from European Community (Marie Curie Reintegration grant (120K)) and Science Foundation Ireland in association with General Electric (500K ) and HRB (100K for last  CT Purchase).  UCC recently contributed 200K towards the purchase of 3T MRI at CUH.

Current Staff

Presently, the Departmental staff consists of: Professor Michael Maher, Dr. Owen O' Connor (senior lecturer), Dr. Claire Crowley (Lecturer), Ms. Rachel O'Connell(administrator).

Lecturers to date

2007: Dr Sean McSweeney, (MB FFRRSCI) who subsequent completed radiology fellowships in cardiothoracic, musculoskeletal and oncologic imaging in Toronto, Canada, now a consultant radiologist at Cork University Hospital.

2008: Dr Kevin O’Regan (MB FRRRCSI) who subsequent completed radiology fellowships in oncologic and body imaging at  Beth Israel hospital and the Dana Farber  Institute, Boston, USA, now consultant radiologist Cork University Hospital.

2009: Dr Owen J O’Connor (MD FFRRCSI) who subsequent completed a radiology fellowship in abdominal imaging and interventional at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA, now senior lecturer UCC and consultant radiologist Cork University and Mercy University Hospitals.

2010: Dr Siobhan O’Neill (PhD, MB FFRRCSI) who is completed a PhD thesis on low dose imaging at UCC prior to commencing a fellowship in cardiothoracic imaging in Toronto, Canada in 2016. Siobhan is an attending Chest physician in Toronto

2011: Dr Patrick McLaughlin (MB FFRRCSI) who subsequent completed a radiology fellowship in trauma imaging in Toronto, Canada, and was promoted to attending radiologist there. Paddy is now a consultant radiologist in the South Infirmary Victoria Hospital

2012: Dr Lee Crush (MB FFRRSI) who subsequently worked as consultant radiologist at the Mercy University Hospital, Cork. Lee is a consultant radiologist in the Mater Private Cork

2013: Dr Kevin Murphy (MB FFRRSI) who completed radiology fellowships in musculoskeletal imaging and abdominal imaging in Toronto, Canada. Kevin is now consultant radiologist in the Mercy University Hospital

2014, Dr Maria Twomey (MB FFRRCSI) completed a sixth year radiology registrar in Cork University Hospital and a body radiology fellowship in Toronto, Canada. Maria has been appointed consultant radiologist in CUH

2015, Dr Fiachra Moloney (MD,MB FFRRCSI) completed body, MSK and paediatric fellowships in Toronto, Canada. Fiachra has been awarded an MD by UCC and has been appointed consultant radiologist in CUH.

2016, Dr Karl James (MB BDS FFRRCSI) completed a fifth year radiology post in paediatrics and is a consultant radiologist in Sligo.

2017, Dr Richard Kavanagh (MB BSc FFRRCSI) is on abdominal fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital

2018, Dr Brian Carey (MB MRCS) is continuing to a radiology residency in the Cork affiliated radiology scheme.

2019, Dr Stella Joyce, (MB Bch BAO MRCPI MRCP(UK))  is continuing to a radiology residency in the Cork affiliated radiology scheme.

2020, Dr David Ryan, (MB, MRCSI, FFR(RCSI), PhD (Cantab)) currently a fifth-year radiology registrar in Cork University Hospital. He will commence a two-year neuroradiology imaging fellowship at the University of Toronto in July 2021. 

2021, Dr Claire Crowley