What is Practice Teaching?

"Practice Teaching is an important part of the profession in that we are supporting and guiding our future colleagues. It is also a positive manner in which to review your own practice and refresh on areas that you may have forgotten." Practice teacher 


Practice teaching is where *practice teachers supervise, teach and assess social work students on practice learning placements and make a recommendation of pass or fail based on the CORU Standards of Proficency.

  • A pass recommendation at the end of a first placement is that the student is competent to continue to a second placement.
  • A pass recommendation at the end of a second placement  and completion of the relevant programme means the student can progress to apply to register with CORU.

The objective of the social work practice placement is to provide students with opportunities to acquire relevant knowledge, skills, values and professional training in social work practice, supervised by a practice teacher i.e. a CORU registered social work practitioner.

 What is a practice teacher?

*A practice teacher in Ireland is a CORU registered social worker who takes responsibility for teaching, supervising and assessing a social worker student on placement in their Agency over a 14-week period.  

How can I be a practice teacher?

  • Practice Teachers must have two years post qualification experience
  • Be a registered Social Worker with CORU and
  • A minimum of 6 months in your current post
  • Participate in practice teaching workshops offered by the HEI that you  have a student from.
  • Must have the support of  your team members and manager/organisation

Practice learning experiences would not be possible without the investment of time and commitment from professionally qualified social workers working as practice teachers.   

National Practice Teaching in Social Work Initiative