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BSc Paramedicine FAQ's


This section will provide information on the BSc Paramedicine and address some Frequently Asked Questions. 

Webinar Programme Overview

Webinar Programme Overview 11th April 2024

BSc Paramedicine FAQ's

Please see some Frequently Asked Questions below on the BSc Paramedicine. If your query is not below we are available and happy to address any queries. 


  • Entry requirements

    Please follow the link to the entry requirements: BSc Paramedicine UCC

  • CAO points

Points are dictated by CAO

  • Is it too late to apply for the September 2024 programme intake?

CAO deadline is 1st May 2024

  • Is is possible to transfer to the NAS Programme?


  • Core content/hours per week

c.39 hours per week.  12-15 hours face-to-face to start, and increasing as the year unfolds.

  • Will there be opportunities to work abroad?

Currently no.  However, we are in discussion with an EU University.

  • Is the programme open to UK applications

UK applications are welcome.

  • Is the programme open to International applications

International applications are not being accepted in the first iteration of the programme.

  • Where will placements take place?

Placements will be primarily in Cork, across all years.  UCC will arrange placements for students.

  • Is it a paid internship?

Students will be paid whilst on internship once they meet the criteria. The internship will start in Semester 2, Year 3 and it will continue to the end of Year 4.  Graduates will be work ready and eligible to apply for paramedic posts in Ireland.

  • Driving licence requirements

You will need a regular car licence (B licence) and a C1 licence when you reach Year 3 in order to attend the advanced driving programme. Students do not require a licence upon commencement of the programme. Please note: progression will be halted where a student has not secured the required licences before the commencement of Year Three.

  • Will further studies be required to achieve a position as a paramedic?

No. Graduates will be work ready and eligible to apply for paramedic posts in Ireland.

  • What does a paramedic earn?

HSE pay scales are available online. Opportunities are also available outside of the HSE National Ambulance Service e.g.   Private sector ambulance, Medical Event Services etc.

  • Will graduates be qualified to work abroad?

The degree is recognised globally.  However, each jurisdiction has its own requirements. Practitioners will need to apply to the local regulator for a licence to practice.

  • Further educational opportunities

Master and Doctoral opportunities are available.  Further opportunities are also available under Micro Credentials and CPD.

  • Student Accommodation

Campus Accommodation | University College Cork (

Additional accommodation will not be required during placements.  Efforts will be made to accommodate students who wish to take their placement near their home.


Further queries can be sent to

School of Medicine

Scoil an Leighis

Room 2.59, T12 AK54