National Army Soldier (Corporal) Patrick Harford


National Army Soldier (Corporal) Patrick Harford (aged about 20) of 52 St Peter’s Terrace, Howth, Co. Dublin (Cork Military Barracks, Old Youghal Road, Cork city)

Date of incident: 18 Feb. 1923

Sources: CE, 19, 20 Feb. 1923; MSPC/3D252 (Military Archives); Keane (2017), 351, 422.


Note: Corporal Patrick Harford was accidentally wounded at Cork Military Barracks (also known as Michael Barracks or Collins Barracks) on 18 February 1923. See CE, 19 Feb. 1923. Though an operation was performed almost immediately at the Mercy Hospital, he died of his wounds on the following day. He was a member of the Dublin Guards. See CE, 20 Feb. 1923.

Corporal Harford was a member of H Company of the Second Battalion of the Dublin Guards. In civilian life he had been a labourer. His mother Bridget or Bridgid Harford was awarded a gratuity of £75 in consideration of her son’s death. See MSPC/3D252 (Military Archives).

Patrick Harford was in 1911 one of the seven children of the Howth general labourer John Harford and his wife Bridgid or Bridget. Living with their parents in that year in house 253 in the town of Howth were three daughters and three sons ranging in age from 7 months to 13 years old. Patrick Harford (then aged 8) was their second son and fourth child.  

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