National Army Soldier Daniel Dennehy


National Army Soldier Daniel Dennehy (age 19) of 144 Old Youghal Road, Barrackton, Cork city (Monard Viaduct near Cork city)

Date of incident: 31 Oct. 1922

Sources: Death Certificate (Whitechurch District, Union of Cork), 31 Oct. 1922; CE, 1, 13 Nov. 1922; FJ, 1 Nov. 1922; MSPC/2D284 (Military Archives); Keane (2017), 319, 418; http://www.irishmedals.ie/National-Army-Killed.php (accessed 28 July 2017).


Note: A body of Irregulars attacked a Free State military post at the Monard Viaduct, 3 or 4 miles from Cork city on the road to Mallow, at about 4:30 a.m. on 31 October 1922. They were using a Lewis gun at a range of about 150 yards and succeeded in killing National Army soldier Daniel Dennehy before they were driven off. Dennehy had been shot in the lung and died immediately of cardiac failure. The post had been established for the protection of the railway and the bridge at that location. See CE, 1 Nov. 1922. On a Sunday about two weeks after his death, members of the Transport and General Workers’ Union of Cork city marched with their band to Dennehy’s grave and laid a wreath on it in honour of his sacrifice while guarding Monard Bridge or Viaduct. See CE, 13 Nov. 1922.

Private Dennehy was a member of the Railway Protection Corps in the National Army, a unit commanded by Major General C. F. Russell. Dennehy’s mother Ellen was awarded a gratuity of £75 in consideration of her son’s death. She had previously been receiving a dependant’s allowance of 14s. per week. See MSPC/2D284 (Military Archives).

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