Volunteer Cornelius (Con) Daly

Volunteer Cornelius (Con) Daly (aged about 22) of Carrig, Ballinascarty, near Clonakilty (Crossbarry ambush)

Date of incident: 19 March 1921

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Note: Among the three Volunteers killed (four others were wounded) in the Crossbarry ambush of 19 March 1921 was Con Daly of Ballinascarty, a member of the Clogagh Company of the First (Bandon) Battalion of the Cork No. 3 Brigade. Representing themselves as relatives of the deceased Volunteers, members of Cumann na mBan claimed the bodies from the British military authorities in Bandon for burial. See Denis Lordan’s WS 470, 24 (BMH). Along with his two dead Volunteer comrades Peter Monahan and Jeremiah O’Leary, Daly was interred on 22 March 1921 in the Republican Plot at St Patrick’s Graveyard in Bandon, with the local parish priest and brother of the bishop, Canon Jeremiah Cohalan, officiating. The police surrounded the cemetery and ‘arrested all young men after the interment. They were taken to the military barracks, where their names and places of employment were taken, after which they were released.’ See CE, 24 March 1921. 

In 1911 Cornelius Daly (then aged 12) resided in the dwelling of his grandfather Cornelius Sullivan (an agricultural labourer and widower aged 74) in house 6 at Carrig (Kilmaloda West) in the Clonakilty district. Living with the elderly Sullivan were his daughter and son-in-law Kate and James Twohig and their four children as well as three other grandchildren, including Cornelius Daly and his older brother Jerry.    

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