RIC Constable Robert Gorbey

RIC Constable Robert Gorbey (aged 23) from Newcastle West, Co. Limerick (Ballyduff, Co. Kerry, and Central Military Hospital, Cork)

Date of incident: 31 Oct. 1920

Sources: FJ, 2 Nov. 1920; II, 3, 11 Nov. 1920; Abbott (2000), 141.

Note: The IRA launched an attack on the RIC barracks in the village of Ballyduff, Co. Kerry, and on a police patrol in the village on 31 October 1920. The attacking party was a large one, including Volunteers from the Ballyconry, Ballydonoghue, Ballyduff, Leam, and Lixnaw companies. They killed Constable George Morgan and severely wounded Constables Robert Gorbey and William Madden. Gorbey and Madden were removed to the Central Military Hospital at Victoria Barracks in Cork city, where they both later succumbed to their injuries. Constable Gorbey died on about 10 November 1920. See II, 11 Nov. 1920. A single man aged 23, Gorbey had only six months of service with the RIC. He had previously been a manservant and a soldier. See Abbott (2000), 141.

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