RIC Constable William Madden

RIC Constable William Madden (aged 30) from Couny Tipperary (Ballyduff, Co. Kerry, and Central Military Hospital, Cork)

Date of incident: 31 Oct. 1920

Sources: FJ, 2 Nov. 1920; II, 3, 8 Nov. 1920; CE, 8 Nov. 1920; Abbott (2000), 141.

Note: Constable Madden was one of three police fatalities stemming from the IRA attack on Ballyduff RIC Barracks and on a police patrol in that village on 31 October 1920. Like Constable Gorbey, Madden was conveyed to the Central Military Hospital in Cork city and later died there. A native of County Tipperary, aged 30, and single, he had eleven years of police service. The exact date of his death has not been established. See Abbott (2000), 141.

After the death of Constable George Morgan and in reprisal, a labourer named John Houlihan living near Ballyduff village ‘was dragged from his bed, bayonetted, and shot dead. His brother was a hunger-striker in Mounjoy’ in Dublin. See II, 3 Nov. 1920. Another report asserted that there had been ‘a reign of terror’ in the Ballyduff district since Constable Morgan’s death. Besides the killing of John Houlihan, the Ballyduff creamery had been destroyed and two families had ‘had their homesteads burnt out’. See CE, 8 Nov. 1920. In addition, ‘many ricks of hay and straw’ had been burned since the shooting of Morgan in Ballyduff. See II, 8 Nov. 1920. 

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