Civilian Thomas Dinan


Civilian Thomas Dinan (aged about 56) of Gowlane North near Donoughmore (Gowlane North)

Date of incident: 28 June 1923

Sources: Death Certificate (Clonmoyle District, Union of Macroom), 28 June 1923; CE, 30 June, 2 July 1923; FJ, 30 June 1923; Belfast Newsletter, 30 June 1923; II, 3 July 1923; SS, 7 July 1923; Keane (2017), 361-62, 423.


Note: Thomas Dinan died almost instantly on Thursday evening, 28 June 1923, when he picked up a bomb or grenade as he and two of his sons were walking home to their farmhouse at Gowlane near Donoughmore. The bomb exploded, killing the father, mortally wounding his eldest son Jeremiah, and injuring one of Jeremiah’s younger brothers. At the coroner’s inquest into the death of Thomas Dinan held at the North Infirmary in Cork city on Monday, 2 July, his widow Lizzie Dinan testified that at about 8 p.m. on the evening of 28 June, her son Jeremiah ‘was coming through the gate of the haggart when the explosion occurred. She asked him who shot him, and he said there was no blame attached to anyone: that it was his father had picked up something. She went down to her husband, and when she asked him if he was dead, he only moaned. The doctor was called and ordered an ambulance. She also called Jeremiah Dinan senior [a cousin] to her assistance, and having brought in the body of her husband, they helped her son [Jeremiah] into the house.’ The medical evidence indicated that Jeremiah Dinan had died on Saturday afternoon, 30 June, at the North Infirmary in Cork city from shock and haemorrhage owing to severe wounds in the abdomen (his intestines had been penetrated); his left hand had also been shattered. There was no evidence as to the nature of the explosive device. See SS, 7 July 1923.

In 1911 the farmer Thomas Dinan (then aged 45) and his wife Lizzie were the parents of five children (three sons and two daughters) ranging in age from 3 to 12. All five of these children co-resided with their parents at house 14 in Gowlane North in that year. Jeremiah (then aged 12) was the eldest child, with two younger brothers—Edmond (aged 7) and Thomas Jr (aged 3)—and two younger sisters

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