Unidentified Civilian


Unidentified Civilian (near Victoria Barracks, Cork city)

Date of incident: 11 Aug. 1922

Sources: II, 12 Aug. 1922; Keane (2017), 294, 416.   

Note: Reporting on the trail of destruction left in Cork city by the retreating Irregulars, including the partial burning of Victoria Barracks, the correspondent of the Irish Independent observed: ‘Searching among the ruins, some young men discovered a quantity of bombs. One youth pulled the pin out of one and was killed, several others being injured. The young fellow in whose hand another bomb exploded received frightful injuries. Every bit of his clothing was blown away except one boot. All the skin from his head, neck, and arms was gone, and splinters inflicted terrible injuries in many parts of his body.’ See II, 12 Aug. 1922.   

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