Civilian James Greenfield

Civilian James Greenfield (aged about 46) of Caher near Ballineen (Caher near Ballineen)      

Date of incident: 28 April 1922

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Note: The perfectly innocent farm labourer James Greenfield was shot dead in the dwelling house of his employer (the farmer John Buttimer) at Caher near Ballineen at about 2 a.m. on the morning of Friday, 28 April 1922. He suffered from a permanent mental disability. See the previous note.

In the 1911 census James Greenfield (then aged 35) appears as an unmarried farm servant residing with his employers, the farmer John Buttimer and his wife Fannie, at house 10 in Caher townland in the parish of Kinneigh near Ballineen. Like the Buttimers, James Greenfield was an adherent of the Church of Ireland.

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