National Army Soldier William McNeice


National Army Soldier William McNeice (aged about 24) of Ballinvally, Delvin, Co. Westmeath (Ballymakeera near Macroom)

Date of incident: 4 Dec. 1922

Sources: Death Certificate (Cork Urban District No. 6, Union of Cork), 7 Dec. 1922; CE, 7, 9 Dec. 1922; Evening Herald, 7 Dec. 1922; Belfast Newsletter, 8 Dec. 1922; SS, 9 Dec. 1922; FJ, 9 Dec. 1922; MSPC/2D458 (Military Archives); Sean O’Mahony Papers, MS 44057/3 (NLI); O’Farrell, Who’s Who, 208; Ó Héalaithe (2014), 240-48, esp. 247; Keane (2017), 333, 419-20; http://www.irishmedals.ie/National-Army-Killed.php (accessed 28 July 2017).   


Note: While serving in the First Eastern Division of the National Army, Private William McNeice was badly wounded in the abdomen at Ballymakeera on 4 December 1922; his condition when he was brought to the Mercy Hospital in Cork city was described as ‘very critical’, with recovery considered ‘doubtful’. Private McNeice was among the fifteen wounded National soldiers brought to the Mercy Hospital in Cork city. See CE, 7 Dec. 1922. He died there on 7 November. See CE, 9 Dec. 1922. In his pension file the date of his death is given as both 6 and 7 December. See MSPC/2D458 (Military Archives).

A dependant’s allowance was paid from army funds to his mother Mary McNeice from February 1922 to March 1924. The total sum dispersed during that period amounted to about £48. The Army Pensions Board then decided that it had met its responsibilities in the case and ended payment of the allowance. Her claim for a pension was disallowed because her need was deemed insufficient. See MSPC/2D458.

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