National Army Soldier (Corporal or Sergeant) George McGlynn


National Army Soldier (Corporal or Sergeant) George McGlynn of The Forge, New Row, Naas, Co. Kildare (Ballyvourney)

Date of incident: 3 Dec. 1922

Source: Leinster Leader, 9 Dec. 1922; MSPC/2D394 (Military Archives).


Note: George McGlynn was mortally wounded on 3 December 1922 while fighting against the anti-Treaty IRA at Ballyvourney. He died the next day at the Mercy Hospital in Cork city. He had been a member of the Eastern Division of the National Army—either a corporal or a sergeant (both ranks appear in his record). At the time of his death his military unit was stationed at Macroom. In civilian life he had been a railway milesman or watchman, earning £2 8s. a week. He left a widow and one child aged two. His wife Elizabeth McGlynn received a widow’s allowance of 17s. 6d. per week during her widowhood under the Army Pensions Acts. Payments began in May 1924. Earlier, from 28 June 1922 through 3 May 1924, she had received a weekly dependant’s allowance of £1 18s. 6d. The victim’s mother (also named Elizabeth McGlynn) was awarded an allowance of 5s. per week. See MSPC/2D394 (Military Archives).

McGlynn’s remains were brought from Dublin to Naas by motorcar on Tuesday evening, 5 December 1922, when they were met by a large crowd of townspeople and conveyed to the Church of Our Lady and St David. McGlynn had been an active member of the Naas Gaelic Football Club, ‘for which club he played many a good and true game. The funeral took place from the church to the New Cemetery, Naas, on Wednesday [6 December] at two o’clock, when an enormous crowd attended to show the sympathy and sorrow at the death of one who lost his life in the service of his country. . . . The coffin was draped in the national colours, and [with] the deceased’s football jersey being placed on the coffin, [it] was borne all the way from the church to the cemetery by his old companions and friends. The members of the Naas G.F.C. marched in a body behind the remains.’ See Leinster Leader, 9 Dec. 1922.     

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