Civilian Thomas Perrott, Sr

Civilian Thomas Perrott, Sr (aged about 57), of 36 Grand Parade, and Thorndene Cross, Douglas Road, Cork city (Upton train ambush)

Date of incident: 15 Feb. 1921

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Note: A well-known master painter aged about 57, Perrott was one of eight civilians who were killed or died of their wounds in the Upton train ambush on 15 February 1921. He died at Upton station of gunshot wounds. He was buried in Douglas Cemetery after funeral ceremonies at St Patrick’s Church there, with the parish priest and two curates of Douglas officiating. The funeral cortege was reportedly ‘of impressive dimensions’. See CE, 18 Feb. 1921.

In 1911 Perrott and his wife Bridget were the parents of seven living children (ten born), including at least six sons co-resident with them and ranging in age from 2 to 20 years old.     

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