Volunteer Daniel Crowley

Volunteer Daniel Crowley (aged about 31) of Behagullane near Dunmanway (Behagullane)

Date of incident: 7 June 1921

Sources: CE, 9, 10 June 1921; FJ, 10 June 1921; SS, 11 June 1921; CCE, 11 June 1921; Military Inquests, WO 35/148/51 (TNA); MSPC/RO/49 (Military Archives); Seán Murphy’s WS 1445, 15 (BMH); Rebel Cork’s FS, 207; Last Post (1976), 89; Barry (1949, 1989), 217, 237.


Note: A farmer’s son, Crowley was killed at his father’s door at Behagullane by British Auxiliaries (O Company) under Major de Haviland then stationed at Dunmanway. Crowley was shot in the short laneway leading from the road to his house either for ‘refusing to halt or rushing towards them affrightedly in the darkness’. The soldiers simultaneously discharged ‘half-a-dozen rifle bullets into his body, one of the bullets blowing away the side of the jaw, another lodging in his head, two entering his body, and two smashing his shin bones’. There was ‘the most heartfelt sympathy . . . felt in the district for his afflicted parents and relatives in their bereavement’. The Auxiliaries allegedly confused their victim with his brother, who was ‘suspected of being a Sinn Feiner’. His brother Jim Crowley (aged about 29 in 1921) was in fact a notable Volunteer (captain of Aultagh Company at the time), whereas Daniel Crowley allegedly ‘was never known to have hand, act, or part in politics’. See CE, 9 June 1921.

Tom Barry, however, listed him among the Volunteer dead of the West Cork Brigade. And Seán Murphy, sometime O/C of Aultagh Company, identified Daniel Crowley as one of its members. See Seán Murphy’s WS 1445, 15 (BMH). Later IRA pension records also indicate that Daniel Crowley was a member of the Aultagh Company of the Third Battalion of the Cork No. 3 Brigade. See MSPC/RO/49 (Military Archives).

Volunteer Daniel Crowley was one of the four sons of the farmer John C. Crowley and his wife Margaret of Behagullane (Aultagh) in the Dunmanway district. In 1911 the four sons ranged in age from 15 to 24. Daniel was the second son (then aged 21). He was buried in Castletown-Kinneigh. 

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