Lance Corporal Reginald David McCall

Lance Corporal Reginald David McCall (aged about 22) of the 2nd Battalion, Hampshire Regiment (near Youghal)

Date of incident: 31 May 1921

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Note: This was one of the worst disasters to befall any unit of British troops during the whole of the Independence War. Born in 1899 in Winchester, McCall was one of seven soldiers killed or mortally wounded. His father William McCall was a tailor. Lance Corporal McCall left behind at least two sisters and a younger brother. He was buried in the St James Hill Catholic Cemetery in Winchester. http://www.cairogang.com/soldiers-killed/youghal/mccall/mccall.html (accessed 8 Aug. 2014).

British reprisals had been widely expected after the ghastly landmine explosion, but they failed to materialise, partly because prominent Youghal citizens and the townspeople in general expressed their strong sympathy with the victims and detestation of the crime in both practical and verbal ways: ‘Following the ambush some people left their homes, while others put up additional protection, but nothing untoward occurred.’ See CCE, 4 June 1921. 

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