Civilian Patrick Keating

Civilian Patrick Keating (aged 24) of 4 Patrick’s Square, Cork city (Shandon Street, Cork city)

Date of incident: 22 May 1921

Sources: CE, 23, 24, 25, 26 May 1921; FJ, 23, 26 May 1921; IT, 23 May 1921; II, 26 May 1921; CWN, 28 May 1921; Military Inquests, WO 35/152/55 (TNA); Borgonovo (2007), 99 (note 67), 165.

Note: An ex-soldier with the Munster Fusiliers, Keating was shot in the abdomen by a military patrol of the Hampshire Regiment in Shandon Street on Sunday night, 22 May 1921, and was taken to the North Infirmary. He died there on 25 May and was buried in St Joseph’s Cemetery two days later. See CE, 26 May 1921; II, 26 May 1921.

The victim was almost certainly the second son of the widowed Annie Keating, who resided in 1911 with her three children Thomas, Patrick (then aged 13), and Kate at house 5 in St. Patrick’s Arch in Cork city. Annie Keating lived with her unmarried brother John Walsh (household head) and her mother Mary Walsh. All three adults—even her 60-year-old mother—were listed as ‘general labourers’ in the 1911 census. 

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