Civilian Daniel O’Mullane or Mullane

Civilian Daniel O’Mullane or Mullane (aged 23) of Mallow (Mallow)

Date of incident: 31 Jan. 1921

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Note: A fireman, O’Mullane or Mullane was one of three railway workers killed or mortally wounded by British forces in the reprisals that followed the IRA attack on RIC County Inspector William King and his wife at Mallow. Daniel Mullane was in 1911 one of the seven children of Mary Ann Mullane of 2 Mill Street in Mallow. She was listed as the household head in the 1911 census; her husband Geoffrey (or Jeffery), a railway watchman, was living elsewhere—in a boardinghouse on Queen Street in Limerick city. All seven children (five sons and two daughters) were co-resident with their mother in that year. Her second son Thomas was employed as a railway-engine cleaner. Her fourth son Daniel (then aged 14) would become a railway fireman.

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