RIC Constable Patrick Hayes

RIC Constable Patrick Hayes (aged 49) from County Cork (O’Connell Street, Blackpool, Cork city)

Date of incident: 14 May 1921

Sources: CE, 16, 25 May 1921; CCE, 21, 28 May 1921; II, 25 May 1921; Death Certificate (Cork No. 1 Urban), 23 May 1921; Weekly Summary of Outrages against the Police (CO 904/150, TNA); Charles O’Connell’s WS 566, 3 (BMH); Patrick Murray’s WS 1584, 23-24 (BMH); Abbott (2000), 238-39.

Note: Hayes died of his wounds in the ‘Blackpool ambush’ at Cork Military Hospital on 23 May 1921. He had no fewer than twenty-five years of service in the RIC. A servant of some kind in County Cork before becoming a policeman, he was 49 years old and single.

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