Civilian John Hodnett

Civilian John Hodnett (aged 35) of Lislee near Courtmacsherry (near Courtmacsherry)

Date of incident: 8 May 1921

Sources: CE, 10 May 1921; FJ, 10 May 1921; CWN, 14 May 1921; Leinster Express, 14 May 1921; http://hansard.millbanksystems.com/commons/1921/may/24/murders-and-outrages (accessed 28 March 2016).


Note: Hodnett, a local farmer aged 35 in Lislee parish, was shot and mortally wounded while going to Sunday Mass near Courtmacsherry on 8 May 1921. He died later the same day. A British military party was patrolling in the area at the time. It was claimed that he had ignored a military order to halt and had been shot on that account. Hodnett was unmarried and ‘took no interest in politics’. See FJ, 10 May 1921.

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