Private George Caygill or Caygall

Private George Caygill or Caygall (aged 33) of the 106th Squadron, Royal Air Force (Fermoy Military Aerodrome)

Date of incident: 7 July 1919

Sources: Death Certificate (Fermoy District, Union of Fermoy), 7 July 1919; CE, 8 July 1919; CWN, 12 July 1919; Inquest Book No. 2, 1897-1929 (TNA); http://www.cairogang.com/soldiers-killed/list-1921.htmlhttp://www.cairogang.com/soldiers-killed/cargill-g/g-cargill.html (accessed 1 Aug. 2014).


Note: Based at the Fermoy Military Aerodrome, Caygill died of shock and haemorrhage from a self-inflicted revolver wound. He was found dead in his hut at the aerodrome on the morning of 7 July 1919. A military officer testified at the inquest that Caygill had been seriously depressed about not having received his discharge from military service. His death was deemed by the inquest jury to have resulted ‘from revolver wounds self-inflicted whilst temporarily insane’. See CE, 8 July 1919. The cairo website incorrectly states that Caygill died in a Dublin hospital. He was buried at Bedale in North Yorkshire. 

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