Volunteer Godfrey Canty

Volunteer Godfrey Canty (aged about 25) of Sranaviddoge (Teadies) near Newcestown (Murragh near Ballineen)

Date of incident: 9 May 1921

Sources: Charles O’Donoghue’s WS 1607, 10 (BMH); Rebel Cork’s FS, 207; Deasy (1973), 272-73; Last Post (1976), 86; Ó hÉalaithe (2014), 274; Volunteer Godfrey Canty Monument, Murragh.

Note: ‘Canty was one of a party collecting bicycles who was shot as he endeavoured to get away from the main Bandon-Dunmanway road at Murragh.’ See Deasy (1973), 272-73. Canty was one of the nine children (six sons and three daughters) of the farmer James Canty and his wife Hanora of Sranaviddoge (Teadies) near Newcestown. The nine children in that year ranged in age from 4 to 24 and all co-resided with their parents. Volunteer Godfrey Canty was the fourth son. He was buried in Murragh Graveyard. A cross commemorating his death at Murragh marks the location of his killing.

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