National Army Soldier (Lieutenant) John Ryan


National Army Soldier (Lieutenant) John Ryan of County Clare (Boolard Cross near Newtownshandrum in Charleville district)

Date of incident: 28 Sept. 1922

Sources: CE, 30 Sept. 1922; Harrington (2009), 85; National Army Census, 1922, https://www.ancestry.com/sharing/13106567?h=f5e278&o_xid=61782&o_lid=61782&o_sch=Email+Programs (accessed 5 April 2018); https://www.ancestry.com/sharing/13106583?h=c05202&o_xid=61782&o_lid=61782&o_sch=Email+Programs (accessed 5 April 2018); http://census.militaryarchives.ie/pdf/Charleville_1_Western_Division_South_Western_Command_Page_37.pdf (accessed 5 April 20180; http://census.militaryarchives.ie/pdf/Patients_at_South_Infirmary_Page_2.pdf (accessed 5 April 2018).   


Note: In a skirmish with anti-Treaty forces near Boolard Cross in the Newtownshandrum district, National Army Lieutenant John Ryan was reported to have been ‘slightly wounded in the thigh’ on Thursday evening, 28 September 1922. The National soldiers returned after the skirmish to Charleville. See CE, 30 Sept. 1922. In his book The Munster Republic: The Civil War in North Cork (Dublin, 2009), Michael Harrington reports that Lieutenant Ryan subsequently died from his wounds. Harrington cites a report on the actions of anti-Treaty forces belonging to the Cork No. 4 Brigade in which two National Army Soldiers had been wounded and one had been killed. See Harrington (2009), 85.

Lieutenant John Ryan (aged 21), of the Fourth Battalion of the Dublin Brigade of the National Army, enlisted for service in Dublin on 1 March 1922. He gave his age as 21 years old and his address as 16 John’s Street in Dublin, with Mrs M. Ryan as his next-of-kin. He was apparently among a group of officers and men returning to their command post at about midnight on the night of 12-13 November 1922 when they were attacked. He was among the patients treated at the South Infirmary in Cork city following the attack near Charleville. See http://census.militaryarchives.ie/pdf/Charleville_1_Western_Division_South_Western_Command_Page_37.pdf (accessed 5 April 2018); http://census.militaryarchives.ie/pdf/Patients_at_South_Infirmary_Page_2.pdf (accessed 5 April 2018).

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