National Army Soldier James Nolan


National Army Soldier James Nolan (aged about 22) of 52 Dublin Road, Tullow, Co. Carlow (Millstreet)

Date of incident: night of 4-5 Jan. 1923

Sources: CE, 6, 8, 10, 20 Jan. 1923; FJ, 6, 8 Jan. 1923; Evening Herald, 6 Jan. 1923; Belfast Newletter, 6, 8 Jan. 1923; II, 8, 11 Jan. 1923; Death Certificate (Cork Urban District No. 6, Union of Cork), 5 Feb. 1923; MSPC/3D74 (Military Archives); O’Farrell, Who’s Who, 209; Keane (2017), 345-46, 421.


Note: Private James Nolan was seriously wounded in the attack by anti-Treaty forces on Millstreet on the night of 4-5 January 1923. Nolan struggled to remain alive for about a month but finally succumbed to infection from his wounds at the Mercy Hospital in Cork city on 5 February. See Death Certificate (Cork Urban District No. 6, Union of Cork), 5 Feb. 1923. 

In civilian life he had been a farm labourer. His mother Elizabeth or Lizzie Tobin (Nolan in an earlier marriage) was awarded a dependant’s allowance of 15s. a week. See MSPC/3D74 (Military Archives).

James Nolan was in 1911 one of the four children of the previously married Lizzie Tobin and her new husband Joseph Tobin (a general labourer). Three of the four children in the household carried the Nolan surname, and the fourth (aged 1) was named Patrick Tobin. The parents resided at house 6 in Shroughaun in Tullow Urban District. Their son James Nolan (then aged 11) was already working as a labourer. He had two older sisters.  

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