National Army Soldier Edward Mulvany


National Army Soldier Edward Mulvany (aged 29) of Newcastle, Mullagh, Kells, Co. Meath (Grand Parade, Cork city)

Date of incident: 2 Sept. 1922 (died 28 Sept. 1922)

Source: Death Certificate (Cork Urban District No. 6, Union of Cork), 28 Sept. 1922; MSPC/2D201 (Military Archives); O’Farrell, Who’s Who, 208.


Note: The National Army soldier Edward Mulvany was mortally wounded outside the City Club in Cork on 2 September 1922 while serving with the Curragh Reserve in the National Army. According to his death certificate, he died at the Mercy Hospital in Cork city on 28 September of septicemia arising from gunshot wounds suffered twenty-six days earlier. See Death Certificate (Cork Urban District No. 6, Union of Cork), 28 Sept. 1922.

Mulvany’s pension file indicates that he had previously served in the British army (he had been demobilised in 1919) and had been in receipt of a pension from his prior service with British forces. He had joined the National Army earlier in 1922. The file confirms that his death occurred at the Mercy Hospital on 28 September. His sister Brigid Reilly was unsuccessful in her application for a dependant’s allowance. The wife of a stonemason, she was deemed not to have been sufficiently dependent on her brother Edward Mulvany. See MSPC/2D201 (Military Archives).

Edward Mulvany was in 1911 one of the two children of the elderly widower James Mulvany, who resided with his sister, his niece, and his two children Edward and Bridget at house 8 in Newcastle townland near Kells, Co. Meath. His only son Edward was then aged 18. The father James (aged 82) was a veteran and a pensioner of the British army. His son Edward Mulvany then worked as a farm labourer.

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