Civilian Patrick Crowley


Civilian Patrick Crowley (aged about 56) of Bantry district (Bantry)

Date of incident: 25 Aug. 1922

Sources: CE, 28 Aug. 1922; SS, 2 Sept. 1922; Death Certificate (Bantry District, Union of Bantry), 6 Sept. 1922.


Note: On 25 August 1922 there was a confrontation in Bantry between National Army troops and anti-Treaty IRA forces in which civilians were wounded. The IRA had brought a machine gun into operation. ‘The National troops replied to [the] attack with vigour, and the irregulars refrained from approaching the town, contenting themselves with firing into the streets. There were no casualties amongst the troops, but some civilians were wounded, [with] one being a man named Crowley, who received a bullet wound in the stomach and is in a critical condition. It is stated that five of the irregulars were wounded.’ See CE, 28 Aug. 1922. It appears that Patrick Crowley was one of the wounded civilians. He died at the Bantry Hospital from bullet wounds in the chest and from heart failure some eleven days after the incident. See Death Certificate (Bantry District, Union of Bantry), 6 Sept. 1922.

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