Civilian Timothy Coffey

Civilian Timothy Coffey (aged about 23) of Breaghna, Enniskeen (Kilrush near Ennikeen)

Date of incident: 14 Feb. 1921

Sources: CE, 15, 18 Feb., 13 April 1921; CCE, 19 Feb. 1921; Military Inquests, WO 35/147A/84 (TNA); Denis Collins’s WS 827, 14-15 (BMH); Rebel Cork’s FS, 207; Last Post (1976), 80; Coffey Brothers Memorial, Church of the Assumption Graveyard, Ahiohill; Memorial Cross, Kilrush, Enniskeen. 


Note: The brothers Timothy and James Coffey ‘were taken from their father’s house at night and shot dead’ at Kilrush near Enniskeen on 14 February 1921. These killings appear to have been a reprisal for the execution of Thomas Bradfield of Knockmacool as a suspected spy by the IRA.

In 1911 James and Timothy Coffey were the two eldest sons of the Breaghna farmer James Coffey and his wife Margaret, who had eight children (four sons and four daughters ranging in age from 1 to 14) living with them in that year.  

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